Monday, November 30, 2009

Iron Man Versus, Part 7

Welcome to yet another installment of "Iron Man Versus", where I show you how the Golden Avenger battles the fury raining down upon him!

Man, I've been meaning to post more of these Iron Man Versus segments. I've got a bunch saved up but I've made a rule that I never post more than one a day; seems gratuitous otherwise. It's just that being a new father takes a lot of time away from other pursuits. I've been using most of my free* time actually reading comics, not writing about them. Sometimes it just feels like I'm weighed down, being pummeled from all sides...

Woah, what just happened there? I spaced out or something. Anyway...

Without further delay, from Iron Man v1 #143 (1981), a versus match that in no way represents my current emotional state: Iron Man vs. a Meteor Shower!

*Any new father knows that you have very little time that is truly "free".

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