Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sketchbook Page - Joey Weiser

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I am REALLY late posting this one. A few months back Joey Weiser was running a deal on his website for a free sketch if you purchased $10 of merch from his store.  Months earlier I'd considered picking up a copy of Tales of Unusual Circumstance, so I knew what to get!  Joey has a very nice style and Tales of Unusual Circumstance has some great short stories in it.  I sent him a link for this blog and told him he could draw anyone he wanted.  He chose to draw his original creation Mermin.  It's super cute!

Thanks, Joey! I've been keeping an eye out lately for kids comics for when Xavier is old enough to read.  Joey's stuff is on the top of my list!

Friday, November 26, 2010

What's up with you? I've been hella busy.

How's it going?  I know, I know.  You're wondering where I've been, what I've been doing.  "Where's my Iron Man Versus?!"  Well, I'm moving on.

It's sad, I know.

Well, it's not really sad.  I don't really care.  Hence the reason I'm moving on.

Yup, got pretty tired of the old blogaloging after two... three... shit it's been a long time.  I needed a change of pace.  I've been putting all my free time into two things lately: reading comics and drawing comics (well, drawing mostly comics and some other random stuff).  As I'm sure you all already know I have a webcomic.  Awesome Adventures! Comics, please check it out, tell your friends, etc.  Apart from the monthly comic I post weekly sketches every Friday, partly to keep the site active.  My skill has been improving over the last few months and I think I'm starting to evolve a style, which is very exciting.  There are FaceBook and Twitter feed links over on the site so you can easily keep up to date.

Anyway, I'm writing this post mainly to tell you about something new I'm doing.  I'm one-third of a podcast hosted by my local comic shop Captain Blue Hen Comics.  You can check out the premier (and all future episodes) of From The Booth on their site.  Shows are short (about 30 minutes) and updated weekly.  I'll continue to be a part of the show as long as I'm having fun.  Now rather than not read what I have to say about comics you can not listen to it!  There are plans to put the show on iTunes after we hit a stride.

Who knows, I may return to the Mutterings at some point in the future, but right now I'm having too much fun drawing to be bothered with it.

There is one comic book blog I still read regularly.  I highly recommend Living Between Wednesdays for all your comic blog needs!  They have sponsors, and content!  Good content!

Now if you'll excuse me, I have this stack of ROM comics sitting next to me and their Awesomeness beckons.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Random Dredd: Part 14

What could possibly pull me out of my pseudo-retirement to post another Random Dredd segment?! When I read this jem from The Judge Dredd Megazine #302 (Oct 2010) today, I just HAD to share it with you.

Judge Dredd is after a perp when he comes across his former robot comic relief (who has a lisp) and his incredibly old--and now deaf as a door--former cleaning lady.

I shit you not, I laughed for about five minutes just reading this over and over.  I still can't read it without laughing.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sketchbook Page - PJ Holden

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My favorite comic book artist to follow on Twitter is PJ Holden.  He's a UK artist that has done lots of stuff in comics over there and a few US books as well (most prominently Battlefields: Happy Valley written by Garth Ennis).  There are two things about PJ's art that grab me: he has a style that I dig, and he does beautiful black & white (inked) art.

Anyway, PJ announced on Twitter that he would be attending New York Comic Con this year and although I couldn't make it, my bestest friend Talia was going!  I asked her to get me a Judge Dredd sketch from PJ for my themed collection and he gave her this awesome pencil sketch for free while he was sketching at the 2000AD booth!  It's zarjaz!!!

Yes, that's Judge Dredd jumping over a candlestick.  You wish you owned this sketch.  Everything about this sketch is Awesome.

I played with the scanner levels a little to get the pencils to show up better, so this doesn't look as nice as the original (you can see less of the guide lines on the actual sketch).  I was thinking I'd try printing this blueline sometime and ink it up myself.  I think that'd be fun!  If I do I'll post the finished product here on the site.

Thanks PJ, I wish I could have made it to NY to meet you.  Thanks Talia for picking this up for me!

Don't forget to check out PJ's blog!


Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sketchbook Page - TL Collins

For general info about my convention sketchbook's theme, click here.

This is the last in a series of sketches I picked up at the 2010 Baltimore Comic-Con. TL Collins was in Artist Alley promoting a few webcomics he works on, mainly The SuperFogeys and Bullfinch. I was first attracted to his table because he had some original art pages from SuperFogeys: Origins on display and they looked really interesting. I really liked his art style so I requested a sketch. He was doing color sketches for a great price, so I got what I imagine will be the only color sketch I'll be able to afford for some time!

Since I showed so much interest in his SuperFogeys art, TL choose to do a character from the series. Keep in mind that I had never read any of the strips at that point, but I love this piece! I've shown it to a bunch of people and they've all laughed immediately. TL has a great sense of comedy.

That being said, let me tell you about Bullfinch. Bullfinch is TL's webcomic about supernatural beings in Vermont. When I told him I was from Vermont he laughed with this "oh shit" kind of "That's soooo weird..." I guess he thought I might get offended or something, but I have to tell you that growing up in Vermont I can testify that the comic is a fairly accurate portrayal of the place. ESPECIALLY the first comic, which is one of my favorite things EVER. I'm currently working my way through Bullfinch from the beginning.

Thanks for the awesome sketch, TL! I hope to see you at Baltimore next year so I can get a Bullfinch sketch for the collection!