Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sketchbook Page - PJ Holden

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My favorite comic book artist to follow on Twitter is PJ Holden.  He's a UK artist that has done lots of stuff in comics over there and a few US books as well (most prominently Battlefields: Happy Valley written by Garth Ennis).  There are two things about PJ's art that grab me: he has a style that I dig, and he does beautiful black & white (inked) art.

Anyway, PJ announced on Twitter that he would be attending New York Comic Con this year and although I couldn't make it, my bestest friend Talia was going!  I asked her to get me a Judge Dredd sketch from PJ for my themed collection and he gave her this awesome pencil sketch for free while he was sketching at the 2000AD booth!  It's zarjaz!!!

Yes, that's Judge Dredd jumping over a candlestick.  You wish you owned this sketch.  Everything about this sketch is Awesome.

I played with the scanner levels a little to get the pencils to show up better, so this doesn't look as nice as the original (you can see less of the guide lines on the actual sketch).  I was thinking I'd try printing this blueline sometime and ink it up myself.  I think that'd be fun!  If I do I'll post the finished product here on the site.

Thanks PJ, I wish I could have made it to NY to meet you.  Thanks Talia for picking this up for me!

Don't forget to check out PJ's blog!


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