Tuesday, February 6, 2007


If you still don't watch Heroes you are missing out, big time. My favorite storyline right now is the interplay between Peter (my favorite character) and Claude, the invisible man (played by the awesome Christopher Eccleston).

It was revealed in last night's episode that Peter's power mimicry isn't temporary, and in fact his body remembers how to do every power he ever absorbed; all that is required is for him to consciously control his power, what Claude is trying to teach him to do. This is huge info! This makes Peter the single most powerful character on the show, perhaps even more powerful than Sylar. In one instance in last night's episode he briefly lost control and was partially invisible while seeing the future!

This show rocks!

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Anonymous said...

I've apparently missed every single episode that Eccleston's been in. Dammit. SciFi needs to go back to re-airing the episodes, since I can't watch it on Mondays.