Saturday, July 31, 2010

Awesome August CONTEST!!!

Detailed Rules:

1. Submit a scan, picture, or video of your favorite example of why comics are awesome. Use a digital camera if no scanner, as long as the panel is clear and visible.

2. Cite the source: series name, issue number (if appropriate), and year (if you know it).

3. Explain why you think your example is awesome! This can be by email or video on YouTube or other video site.

4. Submit pictures and explanations or video links to

5. All submissions must be in by 1 September 2010.

6. Submission can't have appeared on the Mutterings before!

7. Winner will be selected randomly and announced in early September and I will contact them by email.

8. Winner will receive both volumes of Warren Ellis' "Global Frequency" trade paperback FREE!

9. Winner must be able to supply a mailing address in the US or Canada due to international shipping costs (sorry!)

I can't wait to see the submissions!  I'll post them to the site as I get them.

Have fun!


Sarah B. said...

I think you and Sal make a great team. Also, Charlie is pumped to show you why comics are awesome... Oh and me too!

Unknown said...

Thanks! I can't wait to see what each of you submit!