Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Brain Slug Hats!

This post is completely shameless.

Not only is it a plug for you to buy something from my best friend's Etsy store, it's also a lame excuse to post a cute picture of my son.

I have no shame.

Anyway, my best friend has this Etsy page where she sells lots of neat stuff, mostly jewelry and stuff for the ladies (hellllooooo, ladies). A recent addition to her site is brain slug hats for babies! You remember brain slugs, right?

Yeah, that's it. Nice.

Not only does she have classic green brain slugs, but the rare non-green variety as well! I'm a canonical guy, so I'm a fan of the green ones myself, but I can see the appeal of non-green.

So go and check out SquirrelProductions and get some brain slug hats! Buy them and put them on your babies, or your friend's babies, or babies that you happen to pass on the street. DO IT!!!

Just look how awesome they look on kids!!!

Awwwww... He's got a space parasite!

NOTE: If you don't have a "baby" but have a "toddler", "little boy/girl" or are a "full grown man" that would like a brain slug hat, you can contact SquirrelProductions via their Etsy site and request a custom! You would not be the first adult to request one!

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