Wednesday, March 17, 2010

This Makes Me A Little Uncomfortable

So I'm working by way through every issue of Iron Man and I come to Iron Man v1 #202 (1986) and, well... I got kind of uncomfortable.

This issue started off kind of fun. Ka-Zar shows up at West Coast Avengers compound because he's having some problems with his wife back east. He and Iron Man just kind of hang out and talk about stuff... and then this happens!

Of course, it's Ka-Zar, so he has to start running around topless.

Then Ka-Zar ties up the villain...

It's not really that he tied him up, it's just the way they're both positioned when he does it... I don't know...

This part is pretty gay.

So Iron Man and Ka-Zar talk about Ka-Zar's pregnant lady-friend and he decides that he should really go back to her on account of the fact he knocked her up and all. I just can't figure out why he couldn't put his damned shirt back on before he called.

Iron Man is very sad to see his new "friend" go, and has much personal introspection to do as a result of the visit.


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