Saturday, March 13, 2010

Iron Man Versus, Part 57

Welcome to another installment of "Iron Man Versus", where I show you how old Shell-Head deals with such varied foes as green-eyed monsters!

Today's installment comes from Iron Man v1 #152 (1981). It's a gut twisting match I like to call Iron Man vs. Jealousy!

I love these two panels. If you look at Iron Man's face and stance in the first panel, you get the impression he wants to strangle the guy, but is holding himself back. In the second panel, he has decided to do the right thing and not strangle Beth's husband to death, but the resignation seems to make his shoulders sag more than the other two character's. That last bit might just be my imagination, but it's how I see the panel. Kudos to John Romita, Jr. for the art duties on this one!

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