Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hawkeye Sayz: Sparta U.S.A. #1

Welcome back for another installment of Hawkeye Sayz, where Mini-Hawkeye provides short, spoiler-free reviews of recent comics that he swipes from my read pile. Today he'll be reviewing Sparta U.S.A. #1.

I picked this up based on lots of good reviews I saw on the intarwebs. It's ostensibly about a town called Sparta in heartland America... but something motha fuckin' creepy is going on is this town! Page 2 caused one eyebrow to raise. Page 4 caused the other one to shoot up there. The rest is just compellingly creepy. Definitely getting added to my pull list.

Let's see what Hawkeye Sayz!

Pick it up if you like creepy, off-kilter tales in everyday settings!

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