Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I Will Never Ship Anything US Mail Again

This is a copy of an email I just sent to the USPS Office of Inspector General.

I am writing to launch a formal complaint in the hopes that an investigation will take place.

For the last four years I lived in Ann Arbor, Michigan (48105) and had all my mail go through the Detroit mail processing facility. Over that time I have had packages damaged, missing, and had shipments opened and contents stolen before they were placed in my mailbox. The packages that have gone missing are too suspicious to discount theft: I have had packages go missing that were sent from Nintendo and a company with the name "diamonds" in the title. The instance when I received an Amazon.com package that had been cut into and it's contents removed should be on file with the Ann Arbor, Green Road USPS facility, as I launched a formal complaint with them with the accusation that someone at their facility had stolen the contents of my package. Amazon.com also has a record of this complaint, and informed me that they launch their own investigation with USPS.

Upon my recent move to Maryland I mailed my entire audio CD collection to myself in two boxes via Media Mail. The smaller box was insured for $200, while the larger was insured for $300. While I received the smaller within a few days of mailing, the larger had yet to arrive. I received a letter from the Detroit facility today that contained the cut up remains of my package, informing me that they were found in the mail facility and asking me to fill out a form if I "wish that a search be made for the articles". According to the form, these cut up remains were found at the Detroit facility itself, which infuriates me because it is clear that the same trend that I was subject to for four years has hit me again. As a citizen and tax payer I am appalled, ashamed, and furious.

I am thus writing to launch a formal complaint against the Detroit Michigan USPS distribution center in the hopes that a thorough investigation of this location will be done as soon as humanly possible, as I believe there are corrupt individuals getting away with federal crimes at this location.

Thank you for your time, I look forward to hearing from you on this very serious matter.

Andrew Porwitzky

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