Monday, June 16, 2008

Back from Seattle/Victoria

Liz and I got back from our Seattle/Victoria trip Saturday night. We had a blastie out there. Seattle is really cool, and by that I mean it was frickin freezing out there. Not that we missed the heat wave that decimated many of my friends; the permanently sweat-stained shirt count is still rising...

I finally got to see the Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame, which was awesome. There was way too much stuff to read to catch it all in one visit. They don't allow pictures in the museum, but Liz got this one of me in front of the welcome sign. There was a giant Gort in the lobby that I wish I'd gotten a picture of, but I didn't think of it until we were gone. I have to say that the gift shop was very disappointing. Throughout the museum they have posters from classic sci-fi movies. I figured they would have reproductions for sale in the gift shop. Nothing. They sold books, but they were all new stuff, none of the classics that they talk about in the museum exhibits. Who runs that gift shop?
Victoria is a beautiful place and a really neat town. I would definitely go back there.

The conference? Interesting. I learned a lot. Talked with a few people about research, theirs and mine. The usual conference stuff. My two posters/papers were well received.

All in all, Liz took about 1200 pictures on the trip. I'm going to be posting them to a webpage before we leave Wednesday for our trip to Vermont. It will probably take most of the day to upload the pictures with my slow cable modem upload speeds. UPDATE: Photos and video.

Oh, I almost forgot, I got a new phone. My old cell phone stopped working our last day in Seattle, which was basically the worst time to stop working. I did a significant upgrade to a phone that has a full keyboard for email and web browsing, so expect more email and twitter updates from me. I still don't intend on texting, because I think it's an annoying waste of money. My phone has built in IM capability, but although I configured it, I don't expect to be doing much more IMing than I do currently, which is basically none. According to my Mac, I can use my cell phone as a bluetooth modem or internet access. Might try that today. That would be really handy when traveling with my computer.

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