Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Sketchbook Page - Chrissie Zullo

For general info about my convention sketchbook's theme, click here.

My local comic book shop of choice, Captain Blue Hen Comics, was doing some pregaming for Baltimore Comic-Con.  The night before the con they had one of the convention guests, Chrissie Zullo, at the shop doing free sketches and selling prints.  Along with the bellow sketch I got a print of a smoking hot redheaded Medusa.  Awesome.

Not only is Chrissie the cover artist for Cinderella: From Fabletown with Love, but she is also a really classy lady and is super nice.  I explained the concept of my sketchbook and she was all over it.  She took a minute to think of something that would be funny before deciding "I'll do Bufkin.  He has wings so he doesn't have to jump, so it's funny." I think Frankenstein's head is a real nice touch.  I really dig this one!

Comic book shop heroine extraordinaire Kita got this shot of us for the CBH website.  Thanks, Kita!

Despite the "deer in the headlights" expression, Xavier had a lot of fun climbing on the diner seats while Chrissie sketched Bufkin for me.

Thanks for the awesome sketch, Chrissie! You should all check out her deviantArt page!

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