Monday, May 10, 2010

5 Minute Marvels

Fellow snarky comic book blogger Marvel Smart Ass (check it out, he's awesome) has a second blog where he posts pictures of art he draws with his two daughters every night. The site has grown into a contribution site where anyone can send in art that they do with kids, as long as you only take five minutes to do it! I love this site! I check it out every day, and I suggest you do to. A lot of the art they send in has a lot of heart. Maybe it's just the father in me, but almost every picture makes me smile.

Why am I telling you about this now? Well, it was a recent submission to the site that I knew I just had to share.

That turtle is so awesome I can't even express it.

Go to 5 Minute Marvels and start absorbing the awesome. Do it now.

And Marvel Smart Ass, keep on doing what you do, because you have a heart of gold and are an awesome dad.

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