Friday, April 2, 2010

New US Editions of 2000 AD Collections Coming!

This news comes straight from 2000 AD via Facebook: Rebellion is launching a new series of US editions of 2000 AD books at a rate of about two per month! All I can say is that I need a new pair of underwear!

I was hoping this would be the case when they published their "Best of 2000 AD" book in the US. Maybe I was right, maybe not. Who cares?! Either way they are coming. I noticed the signs a few months ago, but had no idea it would be as ambitious as two books per month! I strongly suggest you read the Publisher's Weekly article if you're at all interested. It's packed full of good news.

I'm not exaggerating when I say this is some of the best news I've gotten in the last few months. I'm super excited about how easy it will be to get 2000 AD graphic novels in US comic shops and book stores.

Some of these books have already shown up on Amazon. You can pre-order them from my Amazon store by using the links below. (If you can't see the links, make sure you've disabled add blocking plugins. You can also go directly to my store.)

If you can't wait, one of your fellow blog readers commented on my original 2000 AD post that you can get some great imports for cheap from The Book Depository with free shipping to anywhere in the world! This takes out the extra cost associated with getting 2000 AD books, plus many of their prices are on par with Amazon. Just search for what you want, like Rogue Trooper or Judge Dredd and you'll see they are quite well stocked! Thanks for the tip, Lee!

Borag Thungg, America!!!

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