Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Iron Spanish Fly

It's been a while since Tony Stark's got his innuendo on, so let's check out Iron Man v1 #219 (1987)!

Oh, but don't think it ends there, friends! When Tony Stark sweats he gives off Iron Spanish Fly! But Tony's got stuff to do, and when you have to dump a pair of sexy ladies, you may has well do it with style!

I tell myself that Tony does this kind of shit because he used to be a nerdy pimply faced teen when he was at MIT, and this is payback for being teased. Canon, don't you DARE spoil this fantasy!

Okay, if you're keeping score (and why wouldn't you?!) that's two completely separate threesomes that Tony passed up, and it's not even 10am yet! Why would he do this? Good question!

Seriously... that's a really good question...

I guess he was just too sweaty to think about doing the sheet shuffle. What he really wanted to do was take a shower on his helicopter and walk around in a wet towel...

Wait, what?!

The only thing I really want to know is why isn't Rhodey shouting "PUT YOUR DAMNED PANTS ON!!!" ?

Well, the truth is that Tony is a man of commitment. Not to women (god no) but rather to his business. He couldn't get involved with the ladies until his business meeting was over! But after that...

Snogging a hot banker? Nice one, Tony.

So... do you think he made a deposit or a withdrawal?

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