Sunday, January 31, 2010

Iron Man Versus, Part 51; Hulk Month, Day 31

Welcome back for Day 31 and the conclusion of Hulk Month, a special Iron Man Versus sub-series. Fifty-one Iron Man Versus segments, thirty-one days of Hulk Month and it all ends here. Enjoy the final battle from World War Hulk #5 (2007)!

So what have we learned this month? I think that all thirty-one days of Hulk Month can be summed up in one word*: Frenemy. Iron Man and Hulk have been friends from time to time, but it seems that more often than not they have been enemies. Although it also appears that most of the time when they fight it is Iron Man that is actually the aggressor, but then again Tony Stark is a dick.

Thanks for tuning your interweb scanners to my frequency all month, I appreciate the company here in my corner of cyberspace!

*"Awesome"? Anybody agree with me? No? Okay, fine. Sorry.

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