Saturday, August 25, 2007

Sweet eBay Iron Man goodness

I got my much awaited shipment from eBay in the mail today. A lot of 63 Iron Man books dated 1996-2005 for $20.50, that just under 33c an issue. What a deal! No duplicates either. The set has more than half of volume 3, with a continuous run of the last 19 issues, which are the ones I really wanted.

Some of the highlights include Stark being made Secretary of Defense, the appearance of the Mandarin's son, and the Avengers Disassembled arc.


Anonymous said...

How long do you think this will take you to get through?


Unknown said...

It takes me between 20-30 minutes to read a comic, typically. I like to really take in the scenes.

I'm saving a lot of these to read later, though. I'll probably read the complete run of the most recent issues though, including the ones about the Mandarin's son, since that's relevant to the current story.

I'm going to eventually get the Avergers TP for the Disassembled arc, so I'll probably wait until I get that to read the Iron Man part.