Friday, March 2, 2007

End of Civil War

Marvel's Civil War series has "ended". I write "ended" because the main series is over but the ramifications will be long lasting. In the end Iron Man's side won (as could be expected since he was on the side of the Government and public opinion).

Some people didn't really like Civil War, I found it enjoyable. It wasn't the most well written story in comic book history (that would be Watchmen), but Marvel doesn't really have the best writing these days. Marvel publishes books about super heroes and super teams, books that are fun to read! I read Iron Man because I like Iron Man. I read books by other publishers for serious stories.

One of the reasons I think I like Civil War is because it was big and interesting enough that it got me back into comic books after years of not reading them. I got into Civil War and branched out from there. Reading comics again makes me happy.

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