Sunday, February 11, 2007

New Cthulhu and Maintenance

I previously reviewed BOOM! Studios' Cthulhu Tales one-shot. I mentioned they were making a sequel of the same style: Cthulhu Tales: The Rising. I got it this week and it is great. Honestly, not as good as the first one, but still really good. If you really liked Cthulhu Tales, then you'd probably like this too, otherwise pass.

I never got around to mentioning my new favorite comic book from Oni Press. Now that issue #2 is out I thought I'd put a post up about Maintenance. There is an excellent review on another blog that goes into more detail, but here is all I'm going to say: Janitors at a mad scientist lab company. Zombie kitten stuck in a vending machine. Man-Shark. Cavemen with jetpacks.

I should also point out that when reading the first two issues I laughed non-stop through the whole book. This book is awesome.

So there you have two very different books: one horror, one comedy sci-fi. What more do you need to be happy? Well, what more do you need to be happy with your comic book selection? I guess if all you do is read comic books then your life would be hollow and empty...


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