Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sketchbook Page - TL Collins

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This is the last in a series of sketches I picked up at the 2010 Baltimore Comic-Con. TL Collins was in Artist Alley promoting a few webcomics he works on, mainly The SuperFogeys and Bullfinch. I was first attracted to his table because he had some original art pages from SuperFogeys: Origins on display and they looked really interesting. I really liked his art style so I requested a sketch. He was doing color sketches for a great price, so I got what I imagine will be the only color sketch I'll be able to afford for some time!

Since I showed so much interest in his SuperFogeys art, TL choose to do a character from the series. Keep in mind that I had never read any of the strips at that point, but I love this piece! I've shown it to a bunch of people and they've all laughed immediately. TL has a great sense of comedy.

That being said, let me tell you about Bullfinch. Bullfinch is TL's webcomic about supernatural beings in Vermont. When I told him I was from Vermont he laughed with this "oh shit" kind of "That's soooo weird..." I guess he thought I might get offended or something, but I have to tell you that growing up in Vermont I can testify that the comic is a fairly accurate portrayal of the place. ESPECIALLY the first comic, which is one of my favorite things EVER. I'm currently working my way through Bullfinch from the beginning.

Thanks for the awesome sketch, TL! I hope to see you at Baltimore next year so I can get a Bullfinch sketch for the collection!

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