Monday, August 16, 2010

Awesome August Contest Entry #2

Get read for a Hot Shot of Awesome ©™ care of my friend Sarah's submission to the Awesome August Contest!
Dear Doktor,
Please accept this submission for your Awesome August contest... for you cannot tell me that Axe Cop (written by a 6 year old) and Dr. McNinja are not two of the coolest web comics out there. Also, they are on a team. A TEAM!!!1! Can anything be cooler??? This is the best team-up since Nicola Tesla and Audi Murphey took on a nazi-controlled cybernetic Tyrannosaurus Rex. Ooooh...that would make a great comic....

That WOULD make a great comic! But we will just have to make due with the awesome we have, which truly is great.

There's still time to enter the contest! Do it now!

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