Monday, July 12, 2010

Go-Go-Gadget Get The Hell Out Of Here!

I'm on vacation for the next two weeks, so don't expect anything from me other than drinking and chillin' until July 27. Yeah, don't all cry at once.

If you just marked your Google Calendars, you might have noticed that July 27 is a Tuesday. Right about now I bet you're asking yourself, "What the Hell?! Where did all this mayonnaise come from?!" Well I have no idea, but maybe you should clean your computer area. What you SHOULD be asking is why I'm not posting on Monday, but instead posting on Tuesday. Well I'll tell you if you'll stop bitching about the mayonnaise! I've been getting increasingly busy what with having a crawling poop factory... uh, I mean bundle of joy to take care of, so I'm switching to a Tuesday & Thursday post schedule effective July 27. This will give me more time to make the posts a higher quality, and hopefully get back to doing some of the longer form posts that I haven't had time for. I have lots of great ideas for the site, including a contest or two for you folks, and some new ongoing series. There is one in particular that I've been planning for some time involving everyone's favorite Spaceknight. More that that later...

What I'm going to try and do is have every Tuesday be when I post part of a series, like Iron Man Versus, Hawkeye Sayz or The Random Dredd (which I will be returning to after the break). Thursday will be regular (hopefully longer) posts. I'm sure I'll be posting random stuff here and there throughout the week, so be sure to subscribe to the RSS feed and/or fan on FaceBook.

Remember that I'm still doing TPB and Netflix reviews monthly over at Nerdgasm.

Don't forget to tell your friends about the site, and check out the FaceBook fan page. I post short stuff on there occasionally. I'd love to see the membership on the fan page hit 75. I'd probably piss myself, honestly. FAN THIS BLOG ON FACEBOOK IF YOU WANT ME TO PISS MYSELF!

So in the words of Abraham Lincoln, "Peace Out, Y'all!"

Above panel from Iron Man: Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. Annual #1 (2008).

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