Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Hawkeye Sayz: Nightcrawler #1

Welcome back for another installment of Hawkeye Sayz, where Mini-Hawkeye provides short, spoiler-free reviews of recent comics that he swipes from my read pile. Today he'll be reviewing the first of a four part miniseries, Nightcrawler #1.

Wait a minute! Hawkeye, this comic was published in 1985! You can't review this!

Well yeah, I recently picked up the whole series from my comic shop's back issue bin, but it's not "recent". You see where it says "recent" in the description?!

I don't care! The point of this segment is to review NEW books! I write snarky shit about old comics all the time! This site is full of that crap! Your job is to write reviews for new comics. For shit sake, I can't even get you to write more than a sentence usually, and now you want to start reviewing old books?! No way!


Fine. Just this one time. This had better be good!

Yeah, fine. Go ahead.

... that's it?

Now you're just screwing with me.


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