Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Sketchbook Page - Rich Faber

For general info about my convention sketchbook's theme, click here.

My local comic book shop of choice, Captain Blue Hen Comics & Entertainment, throws a seriously massive and awesome Free Comic Book Day celebration every year. One of the several artists they had in attendance this year was Rich Faber, and I was lucky enough to grab a fantastic sketch from him!

Rich spent a good deal longer on my sketch then pretty much anyone else's due to it's complexity, which is something I'm very grateful for! I also feel kind of bad to anyone in line behind me. Sorry about that. You can direct your hate-spam at this blog if necessary.

Anyway, Rich did a superb job, especially considering the limited time. He also has the singular distinction (or curse) of being the first to sketch in my book. So far I'm very happy with the way its going!

He chose to sketch Buzzboy jumping over a VW Bug, which allowed him to incorporate his love of drawing cars!

I grabbed a shot of Rich working on the sketch. I really enjoyed watching the process!

Rich also wrote about the day's sketches on his blog, check it out!

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