Monday, May 3, 2010

Magnetism, Magic, they both start with an "M"!

In the 1960's "atomic power" wasn't the only magical science. There was also magnetism! Just check out these panels from Fantastic Four v1 #13 (1962). In them, the Red Ghost's trained primates get exposed to cosmic rays and get super powers just like the Fantastic Four did.

So wait... the gorilla has become magnetized... somehow. Yeah, can we talk about that "somehow"? It's just that I don't think that gorilla has any metal in his body so

A "de-polarized magnet would repel a sheet of tin"?! What the hell are you talking about?! A de-polarized magnet doesn't have any net magnetic field, so it's not a magnet anymore. There is no such thing as "repulsive magnetism"! That's just

No no no no no! Magnetism couldn't attract her unless she had a significant amount of metal in her! See, that's why Magneto can fight Wolverine so effectively! He can't just throw anybody around because magnetism doesn't work like that!

Hang on. Maybe when they say "magnetism" they mean "force field". Maybe they just didn't think of including "force fields" in this issue of

GOD DAMN IT!!! The wavy lines for force fields look just like the wavy lines for magnetism but they make a clear distinction between the two! Thank goodness Reed Richards never pulls this kind of crap! That might drive me insane! I mean, he's the smartest guy in the world, so if he

... same molecular level... atomic body structure...

That's it. I'm leaving.

Here, just watch this. I think it will explain everything.

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