Thursday, April 15, 2010

Site Changes

Some of you may have noticed some site changes, but some of them are less obvious, so I thought I'd do a quick post about them.

First and most importantly, a post schedule. I'm moving from the sporadic post "schedule" I've had in the past to something actually regular. I decided to do this after I had a week where I posted every day then realized "WTF do I post next week?" So new content will be posted every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at noon EST. I do reserve the right to post more often. For example, I don't think a post like this should be considered MWF content because there isn't anything... entertaining about it. Also, Mini-Hawkeye can hijack the blog at any time to do a new Hawkeye Sayz, so keep an eye out for those.

Of course, the easiest way to keep track of my site is to use RSS! You can follow my Mutterings in your favorite feed reader. (I use Google Reader, but I hear there are others.)

Another way to follow new content is to fan my Mutterings on FaceBook, where new content is posted as a title and link automatically. Another reason to fan is that I've started using the FB fan page for microblogging content that is relevant to the site. If I find a neat/funny article I'll post the link there, rather than make a whole post about just one link. So you can follow the FB page if you're interested in that kind of stuff. I also just enabled the "Discussions" tab (like a forum) if anyone wants to use it for that.

Finally, I have created an Amazon Store. If you click this link you'll go to, but anything you buy will give me a kickback. I love kickbacks. The real reason I created the store was to present you with My Recommendations. Check them out. I'll try and add more later, but I think this covers the basics. I'm really just experimenting with it right now and getting a feel for it.

So if you know anyone that you think would enjoy the site, tell them about it ( ) or tell them via the FaceBook fan page, I'd really appreciate it! It's nice to not feel like I'm talking to myself, even though I do that often enough to be certified insane (I checked the DSM-IV).

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