Monday, March 1, 2010

Hawkeye Sayz: Resurrection #8

Welcome back for another installment of Hawkeye Sayz, where Mini-Hawkeye provides short, spoiler-free reviews of recent comics that he swipes from my read pile. Today he'll be taking a look at Resurrection v2 #8.

This issue got a lot of buzz on the internet because of the Chris Sims backup story. I was glad for the press because I've been a fan of Resurrection since v1 #1 hit stands back in 2007, and sometimes it feels like I'm the only person that reads it! This is actually a good jumping on point in the story, so I'm really hopeful that most people that picked it up for the Chris Sims story will stick with it. I'd say this issue was great, but I honestly think they are all great! What do I know? Let's see what Hawkeye Sayz!

There you have it! The tiny Avenger has spoken!

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Sarah B. said...

I love Hawkeye sayz!