Friday, January 22, 2010

Iron Man Versus, Part 42; Hulk Month, Day 22

Welcome back for Day 22 of Hulk Month, a special Iron Man Versus sub-series. When I came up with the idea for Hulk Month, I had my friend Charlie in mind. You see, Hulk is to Charlie what Iron Man is to Doktor Andy. So I have to include today's fight from The Ultimates #5 (2002) just because he hates Ultimate Hulk so much. Don't worry, Charlie, I hate Ultimate Iron Man almost as much.


Charlie said...

Ye gods I want to punch Mark Millar in the face.

Unknown said...

As much as I want to punch Orson Scott Card in the face for the Ultimate Iron Man mini?

TONY STARK IS NOT A MUTANT! That negates the entire appeal of the character!!