Friday, December 11, 2009

Who Knew the Living Laser Was Such a Classic Supervillain?

From Iron Man v1 #152 & #153 (1981).

Most of Iron Man's villains don't go in for a "lot" of speeches. Usually there are a few quick quips and then the fighting/imperiling ensues. But I had no idea that the Living Laser was such a classic supervillain!

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What a diatribe! It's pretty good, really. It has retrospect, self bolstering, and admission that his foe is mighty (literally). But this speech is nothing compared to how he acts once he has Iron Man in a James Bond esque situation.

Holy crap, look at that thing he's strapped onto! And check out those henchmen, both armed and brainy variety. Nice. Anyway, back to the "special tape"...

Wait, what?! Now maybe I'm ignorant about airplanes--after all, I only have a PhD in aerospace science--but when was the last time you saw airplane wings held on with TAPE?! Hopefully never! I have a list of things that prevent me from getting on any given airplane, and now I've added "wings attached with tape" to the list.

Other than that seriously questionable bit of aircraft design knowledge, the Living Laser is pretty solid here. Let's hear the rest of the trap and see how Iron Man responds.

WHOA!!! NO!! ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! That's just wrong! That's it, we're done here!

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