Monday, December 7, 2009

Iron Man Versus, Part 12

Welcome to yet another installment of "Iron Man Versus", where I show you how the Golden Avenger handles some of his more extremist foes. Today we have one of my favorite two page sequences, taken from Iron Man: Viva Las Vegas #1. I'm still really bummed this four issue miniseries was canceled after the second issue; I heard it's because Jon Favreau read some really bad reviews for the first two books and refused to finish it. Poor guy.* But listen, the series had covers and interior art by Adi Granov. Let me say that again, Iron Man interiors by Adi Granov. Seriously, it could be nothing but fart jokes, but if Iron Man was on every page I'd pay $5 an issue for Granov art. I'm not even joking. At least I'll always have Extremis.

Without further bitching, I present to you Iron Man vs. an Airline Highjacker!

See how AWESOME that looks?! Damn!

Fart jokes. I'm just saying.

* Who is also, apparently, a big baby.

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