Friday, October 2, 2009

Rutland, VT: Hub of Avengers Activity and All Around Weird Shit

"What is Rutland?", indeed. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

I recently got a copy of Avengers/Defenders War from my local library (blast fax cudos to them for having it!) when I came upon a strange connection to my home state of Vermont. First let me say that Avengers/Defenders War is really good and I enjoyed reading it greatly. I highly recommend it to fans of old school Avenging. Now to the topic at hand.

We join our heroes after they have discovered that they have been deceived by both Loki and Dormmamu (two sinister evil-doers, indeed!) when this odd shout-out is given:

When you're from Vermont, any mention of Vermont in popular culture is a win. If the reference had stopped there I would have been mildly pleased. However...

So in the Marvel U, Rutland is a place of eldrich Lovecraftian horror. (Actually, for Lovecraft Vermont was a place of eldrich Lovecraftian horror.) At the end of the issue we're teased with this little gem.

Oh see, now I HAVE to check out that issue! Well, the fun with Rutland starts with the panels I started this post with. The answer to Mantis' pressing question?

The Vision is actually reading this from the Avengers-Wiki. You can tell whoever wrote this wasn't from Vermont. Vermonters know that the evil forces always gather in St. Johnsbury. (You know who you are!) So the Avengers are off to face peril unmeasurable in Vermont, but cool headed Jarvis knows what really matters.

Everyone needs good nutrition, especially Avengers!

The Quinjet gets them from New York city to Rutland faster than you can ask which two states Vermont is between. And UNSPEAKABLE HORROR GREETS THEM!!!


Actually, "Tom Fagan" turns out to be the Collector, who, you know, collects people. Basically what I'm saying is that it's not scary. Don't get me wrong, he's a villain, but he's no Dormmamu!

So in the end, any mention of Vermont is a win.

Bet you didn't know the Avengers had fought the master of the Dark Dimension in Rutland. I didn't think so.

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