Saturday, July 18, 2009

More 1970s Iron Man Goodness

One thing I love about reading though old comics is how they sometimes reflect the changing social climate of the time. This page from Iron Man volume 1 #59 (1973) is a perfect example of that. Shown are Tony Stark's secretary, Pepper Hogan (formerly Pepper Potts), and her husband, Happy Hogan. Let's watch the drama, shall we? (click the image to enlarge)

I love it! "College fancy words", "women's lib malarkey", and my favorite: "I don't want to be 'liberated'-- I just want to be me!" Great stuff, and it reflects what a lot of readers, especially kids, may have seen happening at home. Pepper and Happy will have a rocky marriage for years to come, I think they even split up at some point. Pepper is a well educated, ambitious woman, and Happy is a former boxer. Not quite "made" for each other, but they do love each other.

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