Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Maryland So Far

Since most of the unpacking is done (we started hanging pictures last night), I thought I'd post something about the trip down and how Maryland is so far.

We left Shit Hole Michigan a week ago today, at around 10:30am. It was fantastic! I've hated that place since about a week after we got there four years ago, and I can count the list of things I'll miss on one hand. The University of Michigan will not be one of them, but that's a story for another day...

The cats did ok on the drive. After about 3 hours being locked in the carrier in the back seat we decided to try taking Cassy out before she tried to force her entire body through the one square centimeter openings in the cage. That was fun. We had Cassy out for maybe 15 minutes before we had to put her back because it didn't really calm her down any more. She did enjoy eating out of the food bag while Liz held her (see below). About 3.5 hours into the 10 hour drive both Cassy and Elle had had enough and just started sleeping. I think they realized no matter what they did they weren't getting out of that car.

One thing we are having to get used to is an apparent lack of quality moo-cow meat. After asking around we found a (very small) butcher, but most of their meet is frozen (which they immediately tell you). The only thing they have fresh is beef steaks, which are all at least $10/lb because of it! Given the meat we've had in the last week, I'm sure it's worth the price in this area, but it's pretty pricey for us. Still, we will be going there to get some things, as their frozen meat prices are reasonable for the area. I got a pork shoulder and will be making pulled pork in the next few days. I was planning on eating a lot more seafood, which is what is readily available and inexpensive in this area (plus I could live on seafood for the rest of my life and be very happy), but it looks like Liz will be forced to eat more seafood. I just started looking up some Maryland crab recipes, but it looks like I have to do some research on what is common around here. The first night we were here I had a bowl of cream of crab soup and a crab pretzel (on Ethan's recommendation a while ago) and had a food-gasm right at the table. One of my first culinary tasks is to make cream of crab soup. I think I will have to limit myself to buying crab pretzels because 1) they are incredibly filling, and 2) I would probably end up killing myself if I knew how to make those things.

I took some pictures of the house before our stuff arrived, but rather than post two sets of pictures I think I'm going to just wait until we are done unpacking and post a few pics then. Here is a picture of the front of our place. Liz wants to do some more landscaping in the front, but other than that it won't change. It's HUGE!!!

There are a ton of kids in our housing development. Most pretty young. Most aren't too annoying, so I haven't gotten into trouble... yet... I find I'm having trouble getting used to having neighbors that I'm supposed to talk to. I've never had that (outside of the dorm). Liz is always telling me to smile and wave at people now.

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