Monday, August 18, 2008

Leaving Tomorrow Morning

The movers came and the apartment is bare bones. I'll post some pictures on Facebook in a week or two of out move. The cats were pretty upset when we let them out of the bathroom and there was nothing for them to hide behind or recognize.

Of course, with us leaving tomorrow I got the car washed and the XM stopped working. The antenna wire has had a bald spot and has been on it's last legs for a while. This was just the last it could take, I guess. We are going to BestBuy tonight to get an iPod FM transmitter so we have some reliable tunage on the 10 hour drive. (Looks like we can get the XM professionally installed in a few weeks free of charge; more on that later.)

I am ready to leave Ann Arbor forever and start the rest of my life. I've always hated this shithole town. I intend to flip it a big bird on the drive out tomorrow.

Have to go eat. Thanks to Leslie for letting me steal her wireless.

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