Thursday, September 6, 2007

OFFICIAL Iron Man Trailer due next week!

Jon Favreau has been promising it and it's come out of a lot faster than he led us to believe. The official Iron Man trailer will debut this Monday during some MTV show. Viacom is showing the trailer on all it's top rated shows. The second showing? The Daily Show the same night. Bam. Sometime Tuesday (9/11) the HD trailer will be posted on the Apple Trailers website.

Here is the TV schedule from Favreau's MySpace page.

Comedy Central: The Daily Show 10-Sep
MTV: The Hills 10-Sep (the break leading into the show)
Spike TV : CSI 11-Sep
VH1: The Rock Life 10-Sep
BET: Baldwin Hills 11-Sep
CMT : Trick My Truck 10-Sep
Logo : Rick & Steve 11-Sep
MTV2: Room 401 10-Sep
NAN : Fresh Prince 10-Sep
The N: Fresh Prince 11-Sep
TV Land: Andy Griffith 11-Sep

hehe, Andy Griffith is the highest rated TV Land show. What the hell channel is "The N"? Also, "Trick My Truck?" I can only assume that's "Pimp My Ride" for hillbillies.

UPDATE (Sept 11):

Here it is.


Anonymous said...

So what'd you think?


Unknown said...

I liked the Comic-Con one better. I think going with Black Sabbath for the actual trailer was a bad call.