Monday, July 23, 2007

Upcoming Movies

Poking around the Apple Trailer site I found some new ones I hadn't seen before.

The first is for Get Smart with Steve Carell. I like Steve Carell, and I love Get Smart. I grew up watching the reruns with my mom, and the phone booth gag from the beginning of the trailer brings back many happy memories from when I was a kid. I just wonder if the movie will largely only appeal to fans of the original show. Take the phone booth gag: if you've never seen the show you'd probably think "why is he in a phone booth?"

The second trailer is for Invasion, the latest in a long (probably countless) line of Invasion of the Body Snatcher remakes. The trailer has all the motifs from the previous big-budget versions: they get you when you sleep; body duplication (as opposed to body invasion); faking being emotionless to survive; the line "my BLANK isn't my BLANK"; filmy strands on the body doubles... probably more. It looks to be largely inspired by the 1978 version, which is an excellent movie. This one even has a cameo by Veronica Cartwright! (Don't you dare make a body snatcher movie without her!)

I'm not sure that I'm "looking forward" to Invasion, as it seams that I've seen this movie before... I'll wait to see what the reviews are like--they are showing some stuff at Comic-Con.

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