Friday, March 16, 2007

The Meteor Hunt!

I was at Borders the other day with an itch to buy a sci-fi novel and didn't I happen across a brand new, never before (faithfully) translated Jules Verne novel? The Meteor Hunt sounded like classic Verne: a 30 foot diameter meteor is discovered orbiting the earth and it looks like it's going to crash into it! Of course this by itself isn't an earth-shaking (no pun intended) event like a voyage from the earth to the moon, so what's the big deal? Ah, but this meteor is made of solid gold!

I has very pleased with this book. I think I have to rate it as his second best book, with the best still being 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, even though my favorite is still From the Earth to the Moon. It's not only a tale of human greed, but also a story about how a petty rivalry and pride can destroy peoples lives. If you are a huge fan of Verne like I am, this is definitely worth picking up.

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