Thursday, March 8, 2007

Cap Dead!

A friend just came into my office and asked if I heard the news (I had not): Captain America is Dead!

The newest issues came out yesterday (I picked up the books I read but Captain America isn't one of them) but didn't have a chance to read them last night. Apparently Cap was hit by a sniper while entering a courthouse in the aftermath of Civil War.

I called the comic shop to see if they had any left, but they were all sold out yesterday. The owner told me that they were given no advanced warning on the storyline for the book so they just ordered the normal amount. They have a quadruple order placed (I reserved one) but they may not come in for a while. Rumor is that Marvel did a huge first printing so when they come in they *should* be first edition, for anyone that cares. I just want to read the book!


Anonymous said...

The fact that Stephen Colbert now has his shield makes this situation so much better.


Unknown said...

I haven't watched the show in a few days so I had to go find that clip. Awesome.

Nice shield, too.