Thursday, February 15, 2007

Wii Would (Finally) Like to Play

To quote Stephen Colbert, "I gots me one!"

I asked for a Wii for my birthday from Liz, and she discovered immediately that they are still very hard to get, so the search began. Last night (after over a month of checking stores daily) we got one! Liz really wanted to play it, so she let me have it super early (my birthday is late March).

It is Swiit. (Get it?)

Liz is hoping that, to decrease the cost ($250), anyone that wanted to get me something for my birthday would consider chipping in on the console. If you want to contribute some money, just get a hold of Liz (or me).

By the way, the Wii is awesome! I can't wait to download some Virtual Console games. I'm thinking first I'll get Mario Kart 64, they also have F-Zero for SNES, which I was addicted to when I had the system.

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