Monday, January 8, 2007

First Day of Class

I haven't taken a class in about six months, so I thought I'd post how my first day of Particle Physics went. I'm taking particle physics because I've always wanted to learn it and never had the chance at UVM. It will most likely never help me with my research, and I'm not sure that, even if I became a professor somewhere, they'd ever let me teach it, but I'll know it and that's enough for me.

After day 1 I've already learned some neat stuff, nothing worth boring anyone with here. It is a pretty interesting subject.

Of course, the first day of a class I usually get the feeling that I'm the only one not understanding absolutely everything, but I've convinced myself over the years that it's just my mind telling me I suck, which is what my mind tends to do. I usually rely on my fiance to counter it. I was at least doing better than the guy siting next to me who, 20 minutes into a class that has no textbook, he decided he'd had enough and was going to just take a nap. It's a physics class (obviously) and full of students that mostly have to take it for the physics qualifying exam, so I can understand a lack of enthusiasm from some people. I'm in it purely for fun (yes, FUN), so my perspective is kind of skewed. Professor seams nice, but talks kind of quietly, so I may have to upgrade to front row.

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